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The ASP.NET Podcast features, technical talks, interviews, news, reviews, and Wallyisms. Wallace B. (Wally) McClure, David Penton, and Paul Glavich are your hosts. We talk about ASP.NET, AJAX, Performance, Databases, WCF, Silverlight, Cloud Computing, Windows Azure, and whatever else we decide to talk about.

ASP.NET Podcast Show #98 - Building an IIS7 Http Module (video and audio)

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Show notes:

  • Windows Server 2008.
    • Visual C# Express.
    • Visual Web Developer Express.
  • Class Library in C#.
    • IHttpModule Interface.
    • Init, Dispose.
    • Begin/End Request Events.
    • Other Server Events.
    • Messaging?
  • Web.Config.
  • Example.
  • IIS Manager.
  • WebDev Server vs. IIS7 Service.
  • Error and how to fix it.

Source Code:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Web;
using System.Messaging;

namespace IISWatcher
    public class WatchRequests : IHttpModule
        public void Init(System.Web.HttpApplication app)
            app.BeginRequest += new EventHandler(app_BeginRequest);
            app.EndRequest += new EventHandler(app_EndRequest);
        void app_EndRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //HttpApplication app = (HttpApplication)sender;
        void app_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string strReturn = "\r\n";
            HttpApplication app = (HttpApplication)sender;
            string strAddress = app.Request.UserHostAddress;
            string strUrl = app.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri;
            string strQS = app.Request.QueryString.ToString();
            RequestInfo ri = new RequestInfo();
                "IpAddress: " + strAddress + strReturn + "URL:" + strUrl);
            System.Messaging.MessageQueue msq = new MessageQueue(@".\private$\HttpModuleQueue");
            ri.AbsoluteUri = strUrl;
            ri.IPAddress = strAddress;
            ri.QueryString = strQS;

        public void Dispose()
    public class RequestInfo
        public string IPAddress;
        public string AbsoluteUri;
        public string QueryString;

Web.config for IIS7:

            <add type="IISWatcher.WatchRequests" name="IIS7RequestWatcher"/>

Published Wednesday, August 01, 2007 9:15 PM by admin
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