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ASP.NET Podcast is geared towards the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET.
The podcast is run by Wally McClure, David Penton, and Paul Glavich.
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The ASP.NET Podcast features, technical talks, interviews, news, reviews, and Wallyisms. Wallace B. (Wally) McClure, David Penton, and Paul Glavich are your hosts. We talk about ASP.NET, AJAX, Performance, Databases, WCF, Silverlight, Cloud Computing, Windows Azure, and whatever else we decide to talk about.

ASP.NET Podcast Show #115 - Interview with Josh Holmes RIA Evangelist for Microsoft


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Show Notes:

·         Josh's new role.Josh's

·         Started as a community archectual evangalist.

·         With MS for about 18 months.

·         Involved with RIA.

·         Silverlight, ajax, wpf, sharepoint, mvc.

·         20 states.


·         cross compile silverlight app to wpf.

·         .net in the browser, 20 controls, wcf, linq, datagrid, more mature development.

·         SL1: windows XP forward & MacPPC and forward.  javascript & xaml.

·         SL Mobile: Nokia & Phones with SDKs.

·         SL2: wintel macs & forward.  Windows XP and forward on the intel platform. Moonlight through Novell on Linux within 6 months.

·         Silverlight tools for VS 2008.

·         Expression Blend 2 for Silverlight 1.

·         Expression Blend 2.5 CTP for Silverlight 2.

·         What's happening in the community.

o   TechEd 2008.

o   Joe Healy's betweener weekend.

o   PDC 2008.

o   Codestock 2008.

o   Cleveland Day of .NET.

o   Lansing Day of .NET.

o   Bar Camps.

o   Agile Summer Camp in Lansing.

o   Give Camps.  Started in Dallas. 85 developers across 13 charities.

o   July 11-13 for Ann Arbor Give Camp.

o   Indianapolis Give Camp.

o   DevLink in August.

o   eRuby Conference August 16-18  in Cleveland.

o   Twin Cities CodeCamp.


o - Zach Dorman - May 30-31.

o - Martin - virtually free.

o   new stuff coming down the pipe.


Josh Holmes

Published Tuesday, June 03, 2008 2:36 PM by admin
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